What To Do Before Renting A Car In Singapore?

Getting a cheap car rental in Singapore can be more beneficial than you think. Car rental in sg means no huge investments, no stress about long term commitment, and no worries about maintenance. And the list does not end there!

  1. Check a company website where one would typically go in search of a temporary vehicle. There are international and local companies in Singapore you can rent from, though a local company would be easier on the wallet. 
  1. Renting straight from the car company is great if you already have your eyes set on a specific model or make. This would save you the time and trouble of sieving through the catalogs in search of it. 
  1. Compare sites where you would find amazing deals across providers, perfect for budget-friendly car rentals. Before booking you have to make sure that you understand the company policy.
  1. Before you pick up the car make sure to shop around first for car rental excess insurance. Check for deposits and such are things that should be laid out clearly when you visit your selected car rental provider. 
  1. Check the type or size of the car you are looking for. There is a wide range of makes and models available, of various seating capacities. But of course, prices also vary depending on these factors and the car’s brand. 
  1. Another thing that affects prices is the rental duration. The shorter the term the more expensive the rental. For example, renting a Toyota Wish (1.8A) may cost $100 for a day’s rent. But renting it for a week could cost $600, which breaks down to about $86/day. 
  1. Be aware of the dates you choose to rent a car. Peak periods such as weekends and public holidays could cause a surge in pricing, even going beyond twice its original price! This is due to the increase in demand for car rentals. So, if you are looking to save more, watch out for these spikes in pricing. 
  1. Check the car thoroughly before and after usage. Checking your rental for damages is essential, as you will be held accountable for every scratch and dent found on the vehicle when returned. Make sure you would not be paying for any more than you should.  

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