About Us

#1 Budget Car Rental in Singapore

Here at Dream Car Leasing, we provide the #1 cheapest car rental service in Singapore.

Dream Car Leasing started out as a modest company of employees. Over the years, we have expanded and upgraded our operations to provide customers with the best budget car rental options. Today, we are proud to showcase our wide range of car models and services which will satisfy customer needs and requirements.

Dream Car  Leasing’s purpose is to provide affordable car rental and leasing services in Singapore. We believe that every person should get the opportunity to drive a car in Singapore whenever they want without having to worry about the ridiculous costs that go behind owning a private vehicle. 

Do you fancy a weekend getaway in a car? Or are you looking for a cheap and budget car rental in SG? Well, Dream Car Leasing is here for you!

Dream Car Leasing Provides these services to our clients

  •  – Weekend Car Rentals (short-term rentals)
  • – Yearly Car Rentals (long-term rentals)
  • – Vehicle Leasing Services
  • – P-Plate Car Rentals
  • – Drive to Malaysia (additional charge applies)
  • – Car Insurance Covered

Why should you rent a car with us?

As the top budget car rental and leasing service in Singapore, we at Dream Car Leasing believe in offering our customers the best rates and experience whenever they drive with us. This is why on top of our cheap and reasonable rates, we do not require our customers to pay a deposit or maintenance fee whenever they rent our cars. You leave the numbers to us, and we’ll provide you with your desired car rental experience in Singapore. So why worry about the installment and insurance plans that come with purchasing a car? Rent a car instead of with Dream Car Leasing to make your life easy today! Find out more about our car rental rates here.